1. Like RiRi’s the only artist in the world. Back during the NFL Scouting Combine, the playlist George would warm-up to featured Rihanna and Rihanna only. We’d be blasting that too, George! #Queen
  2. Engagement or team photoshoot? Back in 2017, George convinced Claire, his then-girlfriend, that they’d be joining his teammates and their girlfriends for a photoshoot on the beach. Instead, he got down on one knee and popped the question. Sorry, but this totally beats in- game proposals!
  3. Making dad proud. George’s father, Bruce, was an offensive lineman for Iowa. When George was growing up, his dad turned down a job at a law firm so he could play with and coach George and his sister. Safe to say Papa Kittle made the right decision!
  4.  A letter a game keeps George locked in. Ever since his freshman year of college, George receives a letter from his dad before every game. Read on the bus ride to the stadium, the letters talk about everything from football to life, and put him in the zone. Could you think of a sweeter pre-game ritual?
  5. Hop on the Panda Express. It’s a well-known fact that George LOVES Panda Express, but now we know they love him, too. George can be found dancing around having the time of his life with his Honey Sesame Chicken bowl in a Panda Express social media ad. #HereForIt
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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