1. What’s The King to a star? His idol, and also one of his biggest fans. When the two faced off earlier this season, LeBron called Luka a “bad man”, or something like that. And he proved it. Luka’s near triple-double snapped the Lakers 10-game winning streak just three nights ago. #Surreal
  2. Born with it. Luka first picked up a basketball when he was just seven months old! He signed with Real Madrid when he was only 13, and made his professional debut just 3 years later! Should we really be shocked at his season so far?
  3. WE WERE ON A BREAK! Yes, it’s true, Luka is a big “Friends” fan who LOVES Jennifer Aniston. But the two may not get along so well since Luka does in fact believe that Ross and Rachel were on a break.
  4. Bigger than basketball. Luka helped raise over $2 million to help fund the medical treatment for Kris, a 22-month-old Slovenian boy with 1 spinal muscular atrophy. Since he’s being treated in Los Angeles, Luka got to meet Kris before the Mavs game at Staples Center last weekend.
  5. Back before the 2018 Draft, Luka said his first-year goal was to win Rookie of the Year. He did it. His second-year goal? To be named an All-Star and make the playoffs. Don’t look now, but he may be 2 for 2. #SpeakIntoExistence
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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