1. Not everyone’s invited to the party. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the only NFL team that has NEVER played a Thanksgiving Day game. Ever. What’s a team gotta do to be put on the guest list?
  2. Lions and Bears at Thanksgiving? You bet! The Detroit Lions have played on Thanksgiving Day 79 times and the Chicago Bears 33. No surprise, we’ll get to watch them again this year while we prep dinner. #Tradition
  3. The Cowboys are showing up to Thanksgiving…again! Feel like you watch them every year? That’s because you do. The Cowboys have hosted a Thanksgiving game every year except two (!) since 1966.
  4. Every Thanksgiving needs a turkey, even if it’s spent on a football field. Enter The Thanksgiving Turkey Leg Award. First handed out in 1989 by John Madden of CBS, the MVP of the Thanksgiving primetime game is awarded a turkey leg. And they get to eat it on TV. #goals
  5. Throw it back to college. The first Thanksgiving Day football game was played all the way back in 1876. It was a collegiate game between Yale and Princeton, just 14 years after Thanksgiving became a national holiday. #tbt
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

I created Fangirl Sports Network as a place for female sports fans to follow their favorite teams with content and coverage that speaks directly to females. It started with one and then eight and now 32 NFL Fangirls and 15 NBA Fangirls.