1. Pizza + Kelce? We’re in! Travis partnered with Minsky’s Pizza to create an exclusive pie featuring classic pepperoni and soppressata topped with cupping and charring pepperoni. A portion of proceeds from The Kelceroni go to Travis’ Eighty-Seven & Running Foundation all season long. #KelcesKitchen
  2. Pups are life! Travis is a doggie daddy to two cute pups: Chauncey, a Pomsky, and Rambo, a Goldendoodle. He credits the duo for helping him get through rehab for his ankle injury this past off-season. #PuppyPower
  3. Back in his early NFL days, Travis was the star of his own dating show, “Catching Kelce”. That’s right, he was in a unique spin of “The Bachelor” on E! which has us thinking. If they brought the show back and focused on football, would anyone actually catch Kelce?
  4. Will dance for touchdowns…and at weddings. In perhaps the best NFL contest ever, couples submitted videos online in hopes of having Travis show up to their wedding as part of “Travis Kelce in Your Wedding Party” this summer. He BROUGHT IT on the dancefloor, but we wouldn’t expect anything less. #Boogie
  5. Swag Star. Travis was AGAIN named to Sports Illustrated’s “Fashionable 50” list in 2019. Celebrated for his eye-catching wardrobe that’s filled with animal prints, patterns, and out of this world sunglasses, Travis is hard to miss. Just waiting to see what he’ll rock this weekend.  #RespectTheDrip
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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