Steph McCarroll

I really began to love football and became an avid student of the game early in life. My passion for sports has allowed me fantastic opportunities to write for many national sports outlets. Writing and talking about sports is what lifts my soul.When Fangirl Sports Network was in its infancy, I joined Tracy Sandler (49ers Fangirl) on the Talking Touchdowns podcast. What a ride it has been! We started as two girls talking football, but I fell in love with with the idea of redefining women in sports. We have a lot to say and as your Jaguars Fangirl, I will provide you with insight and the best handpicked coverage. It should be a super fun season! As all sports teams do, we will have our ups and downs, but as your Jaguars Fangirl, we will get through this together! #DUUUVAL

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