Just Another 49ers Manic Monday

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Just-Another-49ers-Manic-Monday and San Francisco 49ers and Frank Gore

Just-Another-49ers-Manic-Monday and San Francisco 49ers and Frank GoreIt has been a roller coaster of a day for 49ers fans. Actually, it’s been a roller coaster of an offseason. Well, if I’m being honest, it’s been a roller coaster since the Jim Harbaugh to Cleveland rumor last February. But let’s focus on today, because there is plenty to focus on. I will go in chronological order.

  • Late last night, it was reported that QB Colin Kaepernick was on the trading block. If you know me or if you read this blog, you know this gave me heart palpitations. GM Trent Baalke immediately came out and denied it and according to the NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport, Kaepernick is going nowhere fast. So I think we’re good there. I hope.

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  • After getting through that, Niners fans wake up to the shocker that beloved linebacker and team leader Patrick Willis is retiring after eight seasons. He wants to do more community work with children, which sums up what an awesome person he is. This is a huge blow both on and off the field. In some ways, I’m not surprised. His toe injury was not healing, and he had to have surgery. I had a feeling the recovery was not going as planned. Willis is an amazing man and player. Thank you for everything you’ve done for this team, and best of luck to you Mr. Willis!
  • If that wasn’t enough, it was also reported that defensive end Justin Smith, “The Cowboy,” is also retiring, which would not be as shocking, but it would be a lot for one day. Smith says not so fast – he’ll decide next week. I’m pretty sure he’s decided but we’ll see.Just-Another-49ers-Manic-Monday and San Francisco 49ers and Frank Gore
  • According to multiple reports, Frank Gore is reconsidering going to Philadelphia – In case you missed last night’s post on Gore, check it out here. But, he’s still probably not coming back. The Colts are the apparent frontrunner. I don’t care; I’m still hoping. PLEASE STAY FRANK!!!
  • And there’s more. The 49ers are set to release WR Stevie Johnson, but this move I get and can live with. It’s just been a day.
  • And, as reported by Matt Maiocco of (, fullback Bruce Miller was arrested Thursday for spousal battery. This matter is ongoing but obviously very upsetting and disappointing if true.

Baalke was right when he said this isn’t a rebuild. It seems more like an implosion and a demolition. Free agency officially starts tomorrow so there promises to be more roller coasters in our future. Stay tuned.


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