Let’s Be Frank

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San Francisco 49ers

Great news! The 49ers are going to the playoffs – well, Frank Gore said they’re going (, so I’m willing to believe it. But words and beliefs aren’t going to do it. “We have great coaches. We have great guys,” said Gore. “The last three years, we’ve been spoiled. That’s where we want to go, to get to the postseason. Once everybody takes care of their jobs, we have a great shot.” And there it is. Everyone’s got to take care of their jobs. The 49ers CAN go to the playoffs. They are not mathematically out of it; instead, they’ve been playing like they are all totally out of it (save the defense who has stepped up all season). Here’s to jobs getting done on Sunday – less sacks, more touchdowns, more running. #BeattheSaints

Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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