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Talking Touchdowns: New City. New Coach. New Fight. We Got This Bolts.

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If I am being completely honest, I have not been able to remove the terrible taste in my mouth from when the Broncos advanced to the AFC Championships in 2013, knocking my Chargers out of the playoffs. With that being said…I would love to see a Chargers win!

LA Chargers vs. Denver Broncos

I will dive into the matchup, on this week’s Talking Touchdowns game preview, including:

Broncos Offense

Quarterback Trevor Siemian is one of the most accurate passers in the NFL and he has two of the best receivers in the league in Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. If the Broncos offense is able to keep the defense off guard and find an effective target for tight end, they might be trouble for the Chargers defense.

Chargers Defense

USA Today’s Nate Davis recently called the Chargers defensive line “the best in the league.” With Joey Bosa predicted to break this year’s record in sacks, leading the line with Melvin Ingram, who had eight sacks in the 2016 season, they will be a powerful pair to compete with. Changing Chargers D from 3-4 to 4-3 can be extremely effective when they have guys as strong as these all on the field at the same time. With the big loss of Denzel Perryman, the Chargers will need to find depth in order to replace such a strong asset to the field.

Chargers Offense

Philip Rivers seems to have fun playing in Denver and has a record of playing well at Mile High. With last year’s passing yards averaging at 262.56, they take the lead over Broncos at 230.31. Currently, the Chargers offense is looking good with minimal injuries going into Week 1, something this team has had some pretty bad luck with in the past.

Game Prediction:

With both teams not making the playoffs last season,  they each have something to prove for this game. They both know that they need to hit the ground running going into this game, as they will face each other down the road in the season. I definitely want to be the winning Fangirl  between me and Broncos Fangirl week one but I’m reluctantly going to give this game to the Broncos. With that being said, I don’t think it’s going to be an easy fight on either side. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Chargers will prove me wrong! Thanks for watching! Go Bolts!

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