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[Podcast Ep 47] The 49ers Almost, Sort of, Hopefully, Maybe Have a Coach

By January 24, 2017 No Comments

The Atlanta Falcons are going to the Super Bowl, and they’re going in large part to the play calling of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. And yes, that’s the same Kyle Shanahan it looks like the San Francisco 49ers will be hiring as their next head coach. Jed York and company will have to wait a couple weeks to make it official, but it will be worth in the wait. Yet, as of now, it’s late January and the 49ers are without a coach and a general manager.

Top GM candidates Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst are staying in Green Bay. The now frontrunner is Minnesota Vikings’ assistant General Manager George Paton, but the plot thickens, as the Indianapolis Colts want to interview him as well.

On this week’s Talking Touchdowns podcast, SoCaliSteph and I talk all things 49ers, including:

  • How the route to a new coach and general manager has been a risky one, but one with a potentially big payoff
  • The excitement over Kyle Shanahan and why we need to somewhat manage expectations
  • What it means for the new general manager’s duties if Shanahan is given total control
  • How we feel about the potential of Kirk Cousins in a 49er uniform
  • And the Paraag factor, because you know we have to talk about that.

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