Hosting a party for this year’s big game? Don’t stress! Super Bowl LIV might be taking place in Miami this year, but you can bring the magic of Hard Rock Stadium into your own home with these Fangirl-approved party tips and tricks. Now, go grab a drink and let’s get to work! You have a fabulous party to throw.


Pick an area of focus

The key to easily creating that desired “wow” factor is to keep your biggest decorations concentrated in one area, and to sprinkle small details throughout other areas. We highly suggest setting up one table that anchors the majority of your decorations, along with your food and drinks. That way, when your friends walk into your party, their eyes (and their iPhone cameras) will instantly be drawn to that area. 


Mix store-bought décor with easy DIY projects 

We can all find adorable football-themed plates, black and white striped napkins (to look like a referee), and a football field table runner/tablecloth at Party City (or on Amazon), but the DIY touches are what will really impress your guests. If you’d rather not spend the money on a football field tablecloth, try wrapping your table in green paper and marking the yard lines with masking tape. One of our favorite projects is to paint small mason jars to look like footballs, and fill these with your utensils and paper straws (save our oceans and ditch the plastic, ladies!).  For guests with a sweet tooth, fill a glass bowl with ring pops and label it “Super Bowl LIV Rings.” Balloons are also a great (and easy) way to jazz up any space and show your team pride. We really lucked out this year because both teams are red and yellow, which makes balloon buying a breeze! We recommend one big football balloon tied together with the team colors (always buy in odds!), or even the letter balloons spelling out your team’s name. 


The Side Hustle

A Fangirl knows not everybody at her party is going to be a diehard football fan, and as a good host, you have to be prepared! Come up with a fun game that everyone can participate in that isn’t dependent on football knowledge. This could be Commercial Bingo, Celeb Spotting in the Crowd, or this super fun drinking game we created. Download it here!  Another idea is to have piñatas made for each team, and the losing teams gets to bash the winner’s piñata, or vice versa. People could also hit the piñata whenever there is a bad call on the field, but hopefully there won’t be too many of those!  


Drink Up!

We are big fans of a Super Bowl cocktail showdown. An easy way to get creative with your drinks is to pick up craft beers specific to the Bay Area or Kansas City, or serve up a Mahomes Mojito or a Jimmy Gin and Juice. Don’t feel pressure to get fancy with your ingredients or garnishes, leave the creativity to the cocktail names. And don’t forget to have drink options for your guests who enjoy a more sober experience, too!


Good Eats

Now let’s talk about the party food. This can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like to make it. It’s always a fun idea to have the food station mirror the game rivalry. For example, the 49ers side of the table might have bread bowls with clam chowder or lobster rolls, and the Kansas City side could feature BBQ ribs or homemade chili. The Super Bowl is also an amazing time to let your slow cooker shine! You can serve pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, buffalo chicken dip, or chicken wings. The possibilities are endless, and the cooker will do all the hard for you. We always love a DIY taco bar, and they’re always a hit at any party. Cook up your meat of choice, and then put out all of your toppings so your guests can make a plate whenever they’re hungry. Don’t forget the chips and guac though, that would be a severe penalty. Bonus point if you serve queso, too! 

Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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