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The Friday 5: February 21st

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Rock the CBA Vote

Yesterday, NFL owners voted in favor of proposed changes to the collective bargaining agreement. According to the NFLPA, changed would include no more game day suspensions for strictly testing positive for marijuana and changes to training camp, among many other things. 

Sources also told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that seven, instead of six, teams would make the playoffs, with only one team from each conference getting a bye.

The NFLPA executive council reportedly voted, 6-5, against recommending the proposal, but ESPN’s Dan Graziano reports that the full membership will vote. Stay tuned…


Houston, We Have a Problem

And no one seems to want to do anything about it. 

The Houston Astros cheating scandal is going nowhere fast, mainly because they have not really been punished. The players were given immunity for cooperating with the investigation. The former GM and manager have been suspended from baseball for a year (and were subsequently fired) and the team was fined $5 million.

But, they get to keep their 2017 World Series trophy and there have been no real consequences, as multiple players, including Cody Bellinger, Justin Turner, Mike Trout and Aaron Judge, have spoken out about. If I was Commissioner Fangirl, the trophy would be vacated and the Astros would be banned from the playoffs this year. 

Former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Mike Bolsinger is suing the team for an outing that he believes ruined his career. Frankly Fangirls, it’s a big mess. Spring training just started. This is not good.


The King’s Speech

If it feels like I’m obsessed with this Astros thing, it’s because I’m kind of obsessed with this Astros thing, but I’m not alone.

Earlier this week, LeBron James spoke out on twitter with the following.

“Listen I know I don’t play baseball but I am in Sports and I know if someone cheated me out of winning the title and I found out about it I would be F*^king irate! I mean like uncontrollable about what I would/could do! Listen here baseball commissioner listen to your…..players speaking today about how disgusted, mad, hurt, broken, etc etc about this. Literally the ball(⚾️) is in your court(or should I say field) and you need to fix this for the sake of Sports!”


Listen I know I don’t play baseball but I am in Sports, and a Dodgers fan and a baseball fan and a…OK, I’ll stop for now.

Basketball, Baby!

The NBA All-Star game was a rousing success, but now it’s back to business. With less than 30 games left in the regular season, the playoff push is on. 

If the playoffs started today, which they don’t but I like to live in hypotheticals, it would look like this:

Western Conference

1. Los Angeles Lakers

2. Denver Nuggets

3. Los Angeles Clippers

4. Utah Jazz

5. Houston Rockets

6. Oklahoma City Thunder

7. Dallas Mavericks

8. Memphis Grizzlies


Eastern Conference

1. Milwaukee Bucks

2. Toronto Raptors

3. Boston Celtics

4. Miami Heat

5. Philadelphia 76ers

6. Indiana Pacers

7. Brooklyn Nets

8. Orlando Magic

Gentleman, may the odds be ever in your favor.


Daytona 500

It was a scary scene at the Daytona 500 when Ryan Newman was involved in a crash that left him in serious condition. Thankfully, on Wednesday, Newman left the hospital flanked by his two young daughters. It was amazing considering his car was engulfed in flames after the very scary crash.

Ross Chastain will substitute for Newman, who was the 2008 Daytona winner, driving the Roush Fenway Racing’s No. 6 Ford at this weekend’s Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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