1. Tom Brady: A GOAT among turkeys who’ll be bringing all SIX rings to dinner this year! He’s been seated at the grown-up’s table for 20 years, and doesn’t plan on giving up that seat any time soon.
  2. Jimmy Garoppolo: Sure to be the turkey getting the most attention this Thanksgiving, if you know what we mean. Literally EVERYONE is going to want this one, but can you blame them? He’s leading the hottest team in the league, and, well, just look at him!
  3. Lamar Jackson: Find this turkey at the head of the MVT (Most Valuable Turkey) table rocking some of his own Era 8 Wild Dog gear. But it’s just to throw the competition. Is he a turkey, a Raven, a wild dog, maybe even a running back? You’ll have to chat with his mom at dinner to find out!
  4. Dak Prescott: One of a few turkeys this Thanksgiving who has his eye on that MVT award. But all the chatter will be about those unforgettable dance moves he recently showed off. Hey, he might even judge the family #DakDanceChallenge competition you know will happen between courses!
  5. Cam Newton: This turkey might be injured, but that won’t stop him from being the center of conversation. Not just because he’ll be wearing something eccentric paired perfectly with shades and headwear no one would ever think of, but because he’ll be fresh off his 8th year serving underprivileged kids Thanksgiving dinner a few days prior. 
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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