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Talking Touchdowns: Bring on the Super Bowl Champs! We got this Chiefs

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Chiefs vs. Patriots

The Kansas City Chiefs kick off their 2017 season against the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. This is the 35th meeting in history between the two teams. Will the Kansas City Chiefs be able to take out the Patriots and start off their season with a win? Let’s see what both teams are bringing to the field.

Quarterback Chemistry

The Chiefs released wide weceiver Jeremy Macklin in a cap saving move. This left them with a hole for the #1 receiver position. Here comes Tyreek Hill to step up and complete that partnership with quarterback Alex Smith. Tyreek’s chemistry with Smith will be key to scoring touchdowns. Last year, Tyreek caught 61 passes for a total of 593 yards, which resulted in him scoring six touchdowns. Six touchdowns is very impressive — let’s see if Tyreek can double that this season!

Now let’s switch it up and look at Brady’s right hand man. Patriots top Wide Receiver Julian Edelman tore his ACL in a preseason game and will be out for the 2017 season. Stepping in is wide receiver Brandin Cook. Will Brady and Cook have the same chemistry to make football magic? We hope not.

Running backs and Tight Ends and Defense, Oh My!

On to our Running Backs! Literally, we’re running towards them with excitement. Chiefs are starting rookie Kareem Hunt. He played in three preseason games and caught four4 passes for a total of 32 yards and rushed the ball for 79 yards. This feels really good and I look forward to seeing him in the end zone a lot this season.

We wouldn’t have our offense without our tight ends. Travis Kelce will be bringing the heat to the Patriots tonight! Last year, Kelce caught 85 passes for a total of 540 yards which resulted in four touchdowns. He is constantly compared to the Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski only played in eight games last season and he’s coming off his ninth surgery since 2009. Kelce is healthy, fit and will be dominating this game.

On to the Defense! The Chiefs’ defense is ranked one of the Top 5 in the league and is only getting more powerful this season. Derrick Johnson and Justin Houston return to the field healthy and ready to tackle. The Chiefs also brought in veterans Bennie Logan and Roy Miller. Brady will be up against this top defense ready to defend their kingdom.

Now, the Chiefs will have to stand their ground as well. The Patriots have two of the best defensive players in the league. Devin McCourtney played in 16 games last year had 78 total tackles and seven passes defensed. Next up is Malcom Butler. Butler played in 16 games as well and had 63 tackles and 17 passes defended.

Game Prediction

Even though we’re going up against the Super Bowl Champions, I pick the Chiefs to win this one! Our top defense, healthy team and promising rookies are going to bring our kingdom a win.

Go Chiefs!

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