1. AKA El Bombi! Adolis got his nickname from his childhood friends. They first started calling him this because they said his head was shaped like a light bulb, and it stuck. Definitely a fitting name for a slugger like him!

  2. Family of baseball stars. Baseball talent runs in the Garcia family. Adolis’ older brother Adonis Garcia also played in the majors for the Atlanta Braves. It’s like baseball’s in their DNA!

  3. Multi-talented athlete. While we’re used to seeing him crush it on the baseball field, Adolis is no one-trick pony. He was a standout track and field athlete in high school, and remains speedy and strong to this day!

  4. Dancing king. Adolis is known for his killer dance moves in the dugout. It’s not just about home runs; it’s about having fun while doing it. We are here for his dugout dance parties!

  5. Record breaker! Adolis was named the MVP of the ALCS after setting a record for RBIs in the postseason. Not only did he break the record, he extended his home run streak to four games, twice in Game 7.

Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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