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  1. Stanford University’s own Cameron Brink is taking the Women’s NCAA Basketball world by storm! Securing the Pac-12 Player of the Year title for the second consecutive year solidifies her status as a true standout on the court!
  2. Ever pondered the tight bond between her and Steph Curry? Here’s the scoop: Dell and Sonya Curry are actually Cameron’s godparents! Their connection traces back to Sonya and Michelle-Bain Brink’s days as roommates at Virginia Tech. Now, Cameron and Steph are as tight as ever!
  3. In her locker, Cameron holds onto a cherished note from Jaylyn Savage, a former staff member at Stanford University. Before and after every locker room visit, she finds motivation and solace in its words: “It’s so refreshing to see someone as talented as you still be a kid at heart. Never lose that quality. So many athletes of your caliber don’t have that.”
  4. Surprisingly, her initial passion wasn’t basketball…she was an aspiring artist! It wasn’t until around the age of 9 that basketball entered her life. However, her motivation wasn’t rooted in love for the game but rather in the desire to win!
  5. You may have noticed Cameron’s advocacy for mental health on her social media. It’s a topic close to her heart, as she not only shares her own struggles but also encourages others to be gentle with themselves. By speaking out, she aims to normalize discussions around mental health, reminding everyone that it’s okay to struggle.

Image Source: Cameron Brink on Instagram