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  1. Published Author. In October, Christian published an autobiography titled “Pulisic: My Journey So Far.” The book is about his soccer career coming from Hershey, Pennsylvania to the top of the international soccer world. 
  2. Super fan. Christian is a fan of the New York Jets, New York Rangers and Philadelphia 76ers. He attended the Jets game in London last year and exchanged jerseys with Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. 
  3. Reese’s guy. Christian’s favorite snack are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. He credits growing up in Hershey, PA for his love of the candy and calls the peanut butter and chocolate combo “The greatest thing in the world.”
  4. Checkmate. Christian enjoys playing chess in his free time which he was taught how to play by his grandfather. His favorite chess piece is the bishop which he features on the back of his Puma cleats.
  5. Movie buff. Christian’s favorite Rom-Com movie is “The Longest Ride” which he calls a guilty pleasure. His most watched movie, however, is “Monster’s Inc.”

Image Source: Christian Pulisic on Instagram