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  1. Legacy cemented. Dalvin holds the record as the all-time leading rusher at Florida State where he finished his college career with 4,464 rush yards. He also holds the school record for most rush yards in a single season (1,765 in 2016).
  2. “The Chef.” Dalvin’s nickname is “The Chef” playing off his last name, but he is also learning how to live up to it in the kitchen. His favorite pregame meal to cook is pasta with meat sauce which he learned how to make from former teammate Mike Boone.
  3. Executive action. Dalvin is part owner of the FCF Zappers, an indoor football team part of the Fan Controlled Football League. He joined the ownership group in 2021. 
  4. Number change. This season, Dalvin switched his jersey number from 33 to 4, which he wore throughout college. All his brothers have sported no. 4 and he promised his dad before he passed he would make the change back to the number. 
  5. Running away. Last week, Dalvin scored an 81-yard long touchdown rush which was the longest of his career. His performance helped the Vikings upset the Bills with a 33-30 win in overtime. 

Image Source: Dalvin Cook on Twitter