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  1. We all ate some interesting combos growing up, but DeAndre’s definitely takes it. When DeAndre was younger, he would put jelly on EVERYTHING. Including fried chicken. Wonder when diners in Arizona will start serving fried chicken & J for lunch…
  2. More than a touchdown. Every time DeAndre scores a touchdown at home, he runs to hand the ball over to his mother Sabrina sitting in the stands. Sabrina is blind, and even though she can’t see him, this symbolizes that DeAndre sees her no matter what. And we don’t think there’s a more beautiful ritual out there!
  3. Iced out, no stylist. It’s not news that DeAndre LOVES fashion. He even dubbed himself the Best Dressed Player in ALL of Sports. But all those fits come right from his mind. DeAndre doesn’t believe in stylists. He’ll ask fashion advice and go to brands with some of his ideas, but the rest is all him! #drip
  4. Fashion line coming soon? DeAndre wants to one day design a women’s clothing line. He envisions it to be clothing that women of all sizes can wear every day- nothing unrealistic. We just wanna know when it’s gunna launch because this needs to be a thing!
  5. Turned his fab hair into a lifestyle! DeAndre has been growing his hair out for almost nine years!!! His signature locks are like a way of life back in South Carolina- lots of his friends and family rock a similar look. With hair like that, he knows ALL the struggles of maintaining it. Like washing it every day and tying it up to be more comfy. #relatable