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  1. First to 25 wins…no literally! The Utah Jazz have become the first NBA team to win 25 games this season and Donovan is a huge reason why. Not only will he be an All-Star for the second year in a row, but his Jazz are off to their best start in franchise history! 
  2. Going to the D.O.N.! That’s the name of the new gym Donovan’s funding at his grade school, Greenwich Country Day School. Standing for “The Determination Over Negativity Mitchell Family Athletic Center”, it’s just part of Donovan’s $12M gift to the school which will also create scholarship and faculty support funds!
  3. Into the “Spida”-Verse. Donovan received his superhero-esque nickname when he was growing up thanks to the creativity of a teammate’s dad. He had such long arms and would rack up so many steals, thus “Spida” Mitchell was born. 
  4. Caesar rules. And yes, we’re talking about the salad! Donovan added salad to his diet before he entered the NBA and immediately fell for Caesar. He refers to it as the tastiest yet unhealthiest salad…but it’s usually part of his gameday routine!
  5. He loves Captain America…but maybe not the one you’re thinking of. Donovan grew up admiring Mets star David Wright and the way he treated his fans. A pic of David was actually the first poster Donovan ever hung in his room!