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  1. The start of something NEW! The Women’s Professional Hockey League marked its debut with an epic clash between Team Toronto and Team New York on New Year’s Day. The historic game saw Ella Shelton as the first player to EVER score in a PWHL match—an unforgettable moment in sports history!
  2. At the young age of 24, she clinched a gold medal at the Beijing 2022 Olympics, solidifying her superstar status.
  3. Ella’s hockey journey began at the age of eight, inspired by the Olympics in Italy. From the family farm in Ingersoll, Ontario to now inspiring young girls from the biggest stage in the game, we know Ella is just getting started!
  4. In eighth grade, Ella’s dream was to be a veterinarian. She spent her days caring for the family’s horse, Honey Bear. Little did she know, those moments not only nurtured her love for animals but also honed essential time management skills crucial for her success today.
  5. Move over, boys! When she first started hockey, she actually played on the “boy’s team,” until she moved to the London Devilettes organization!

Image Source: Ella Shelton on Instagram