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  1. Olympic legend. Hilary is a four-time Olympian, winning three silver medals and one gold medal for Team USA. Last year, she was named the Bob Allen Women’s Hockey Player of the Year after scoring six goals in the Olympics.
  2. Ryan Reynolds fan club. Hilary’s celebrity crush is Ryan Reynolds. She is of course a fan of his sense of humor and says he’s not a bad looking dude either.
  3. Postgame sugar rush. Hilary’s go to postgame snack is a Hershey’s almond chocolate bar. She admits to having a big sweet tooth and loves eating anything from cakes to cookies to crepes.
  4. Just like her idol. Hilary wears the No. 21 because of her childhood idol women’s hockey forward Cammi Granato. She first saw Cammi win the gold at the 1998 Olympics and decided she wanted to be just like her when she grew up.
  5. English Bulldog mom. Hilary is a proud mom of two English Bulldogs named Bane and Baloo. She loves to travel with them and post pictures with the two pups on her Instagram.

Image Source: Hilary Knight on Instagram