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  1. Did you know Jaylen has never eaten red meat or pork in his life? He switched to a vegetarian diet in college and hasn’t looked back since!
  2. In 2019 at just 22-years-old, Jaylen became the youngest National Basketball Players Association Vice President in NBA history!
  3. Off the court, Jaylen has a wide variety of interests including learning Spanish, delving into history, practicing meditation, and studying philosophy.
  4. In Jaylen’s world, it’s books over TV any day! Some of his favorites include: ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield, ‘Pound the Stone: 7 Lessons to Develop Grit on the Path to Mastery’ by Joshua Medcalf, and ‘Easy French, Step by Step’ by Myrna Bell Rochester.
  5. Check mate! Jaylen sharpens his strategic thinking by playing chess. His love for the game is a testament to his focus and analytical skills, which he translates into his basketball plays.

Image Source: Jaylen Brown on Instagram