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      1. Nothing can stop her! When Jessie became the first American woman to ever medal in an Olympic long-distance cross-country race this weekend, she did so under some pretty extreme circumstances. Merely 30 hours before winning silver in the 30km, Jessie revealed she was battling food poisoning!
      2. Leaving Beijing with way more than medals. Adding to the gold she won at PyeongChang 2018, Jessie is bringing home a bronze and a silver medal from the 2022 Games, but there’s more. Jessie is now the MOST decorated American cross-country skier ever!
      3. Brave Enough. That’s the title of the book Jessie wrote (yes, she’s an author, too!). Published in 2020, Jessie penned the autobiography as a way to honestly share her journey to overcoming an eating disorder, with the hope that her story can help others.
      4. Just add glitter…literally! Before races, Jessie is known to put some sparkles on her cheeks. She says she does so as a way to remind herself that skiing is fun and she GETS to do it, while also showing young girls that they can sparkle AND be tough!
      5. Turning passion into progress. Jessie is on the board of Protect Our Winters, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting climate change. She’s using her voice to make a difference so that the next generation of winter athletes will have real winter conditions to compete in!

      Image source: Jessie Diggins on Instagram