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  1. G.O.A.T. status! On Saturday, Katie broke Michael Phelps’ record for most career individual world swimming titles with her 16th gold medal at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships. She is also the first swimmer to win six consecutive world championships at the same event (800m freestyle).
  2. Bleeding orange and blue. Katie is a huge New York Islanders fan, thanks to her Uncle Jon, who co-owns the franchise. She tries to watch as many games as she can and frequently sports Islanders gear.
  3. Got chocolate? Since age 13, Katie always drinks chocolate milk after races and practices. Her love for chocolate doesn’t stop there, her favorite snack is Reese’s peanut butter cups.
  4. National cover star. In 2018, Katie became the first woman Olympian and swimmer to be on the cover of National Geographic. The cover featured a photo of Katie in the pool and article was about sports and science.
  5. On key. When Katie is not in the pool, she enjoys to play the piano, chess and Scrabble. She took piano lessons throughout her childhood, but stopped when she reached eight grade to focus on swimming.