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Defensive End Khalil Mack is a football star, but if you were to tell him that in high school, he wouldn’t of believed it. Why? Because he did not play football In high school until his SENIOR year!

Here are 5 facts about the Raiders, 26 year-old, former first-round pick, Khalil Mack.

1.  He was primarily a basketball player:

  • That is why he was never recruited by a major FBS school. Mack played basketball until his junior year of high school. But by his senior year, standing at 6’3’’ 252 pounds, the football coach was convinced he was too big to not play football! He was 10 pounds and 8 ounces when he was born! Coach called his father and promised him that Mack would to to college for free if he played football his senior year.

Feeling blessed

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2.  His only scholarship was from Buffalo:

  • That’s what happens when you only play your senior year of high school, but damn did he make it count. First team All-American, First team All-Mac from 2011-2013 and Mac 2013 defensive player of the year- not too shabby for one year of football

3.  He used to stay after games and practice and clean the Buffalo locker room.

  • When his coach caught him cleaning the locker room at night, Mack said his dad always told him to be a leader when no is watching

4.  He also has a soft spot. He is a big fan of country music star Tim McGraw, and his favorite song is “Small Town.”

5.  His favorite movie is Mary Poppins.

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