1. Welcome to the Bubble. Just days into his stay in Orlando, Matisse launched the hottest vlog on YouTube giving us an inside look at life in The Bubble. He shoots AND edits everything himself (!!!), sometimes taking up to FIVE HOURS to perfect. #worthit
  2. Matisse was inspired by his dad, Greg, to wear this word on his jersey in The Bubble. Greg grew up under a dictatorship in Haiti and raised Matisse to appreciate the privilege of having a voice here in America.
  3. He loves his unique name. Matisse was named after the French artist Henri Matisse. While backpacking through Europe, Matisse’s dad visited an art museum with a Henri Matisse exhibit and fell in love with his work…and his name. The rest is history!
  4. Dual citizen. Matisse and his family moved to Sydney, Australia for his dad’s job when he was just two years old. He lived there until he was about eight, and says it gave him a new perspective of the world since the U.S. dominates so much of global culture. What a mindset to have in third grade!!!
  5. He goes viral for everything! As part of “Rookie Duties”, Matisse is in charge of getting the food for road trips…which is actually a lot funnier than you think. In January, Matisse was nicknamed “6 Biscuits” after he got the Chik-fil-A order wrong and literally bought six biscuits for 20 people. We’d like to thank Tobias Harris for capturing this moment!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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