1. Super Bowl for all! Before this season, Matthew had never won a playoff game. Now, he’s going to the Super Bowl, and says he’s playing for all the people (including his former-Lions teammates) who’ve helped him get to where he is today!
  2. Talk about famous friends. Matthew actually grew up with another member of LA sports royalty…Clayton Kershaw! That’s right. The duo went to high school together in Texas, were teammates on the football team, and are still friends to this day. 
  3. Family > Everything. While Matthew is proud of all he’s accomplished on the field this season, he says the best part of his life is his family. His four daughters are everything to him, and he knows he couldn’t have done any of this without his wife, Kelly!
  4. Matthew Stafford, The Movie. If there were to be a movie made about his life, Matthew knows exactly who should land the starring role. He says he’d want one of his favorite actors, THE Leonardo DiCaprio, to play him. We FULLY support this casting!
  5. Peanut Butter Volcano! That’s the name of Matthew’s favorite cookie, and yes, it’s covered in chocolate! Baked by the Detroit Cookie Company in Michigan, the bakery will be giving away FREE PB Volcanos if the Rams win the Super Bowl.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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