1. Stealing our hearts for over two decades! Peyton was drafted Number 1 by the Indianapolis Colts back in the 1998 NFL Draft. During his 18-year playing career, this star QB played in 14 (!!!) Pro Bowls, won two Super Bowls, and won MVP a record FIVE times!!! #legend
  2. “Chicken Parm you taste so good.” We know you know the jingle from Peyton’s infamous Nationwide ads throughout the years. When the lyric made a comeback in 2015, the Broncos got in on the fun by offering none other than Chicken Parm as part of their postgame spread. Now that’s iconic!
  3. Dad jokes aren’t the only thing Peyton has going for him. Back in his playing days, Peyton’s teammates knew him as the King of Pranks. Legend has it he once switched two of his teammates’ pants without them knowing and soaked another by hiding a trash can full of water on top of his door. #jokes
  4. Even Peyton has a hidden talent…DJing! That’s right, Peyton would play the role of postgame DJ on the team plane. He’d use the intercom as a microphone and played everything from Kenny Chesney to Snoop Dogg. Now that’s a playlist we need to hear!
  5. Champions for Charity, literally! It’s no secret that the dynamic duo of Peyton and Tiger Woods brought home the ‘ship this weekend. But did you know that Peyton is no stranger to golf? Yup. He’s a member at Augusta National and Cherry Hills Country Club and even has a hole-in-one to his name! #watchout
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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