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  1. Nittany legend. Saquon broke numerous school records while playing at Penn State in college. He holds the school records for most career rushing touchdowns (43), most rush yards by a freshman (1,076) and sophomore (1,496) and most total rush yards in a single game (358 yds vs Iowa). 
  2. Tupac Barkley? Saquon was almost named Tupac after the famous rapper. His dad was a huge Tupac fan and wanted to name him “Tupac Makaveli,” but ultimately his mom nixed the idea. 
  3. Open water and ticks. Those are Saquon’s two biggest fears in life. He is afraid of sharks in the open water and is still scarred from the one time he got bit by a tick when he was young. 
  4. G.O.A.T. of Connect Four. Saquon considers himself to be the be the G.O.AT. of Connect Four. The only person who has been able to beat him at the game is Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, which Saquon blamed his overconfidence on. 
  5. Boxer blood. If Saquon didn’t play football, he would be a boxer. His great uncle Iran Barkley was the 1998 WBC middleweight champion. 

Image source: Saquon Barkley on Instagram