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  1. Stays splashin’! Steph Curry just made history (again!), hitting 3,500 three-pointers in his NBA career, surpassing his own record set two years ago!
  2. Popcorn connoisseur. Steph is known to rank NBA stadiums based on their popcorn game. Dallas Mavericks Stadium is his top pick, while the LA Lakers Stadium falls short according to Steph’s popcorn standards.
  3. His basketball idol? Muggsy Bogues, the 5’3″ dynamo who led the Charlotte Hornets to three playoffs. Steph admires Bogues as an underdog who defied expectations, just like he did.
  4. What gives this NBA icon the chills? When asked what he was most afraid of growing up, Steph admitted to having a phobia of snakes.
  5. Surprising movie choices, anyone? Steph’s favorites include “The Princess Diaries” and “A Walk to Remember.”

Image Source: Steph Curry on Instagram