1. Belgian Buckets. Emma missed part of the 2019 season to play with Belgium, her home country, in the EuroBasket Championships. She was born and raised in Ypres, Belgium, and was drafted by the Mystics when she was just 19!

2. The missing piece. That’s how Coach Mike Thibault refers to Emma. She missed all of the 2018 season to focus on the Belgian National Team and spend time with family back home. Her Mystics got swept in the Finals without her, but Emma made sure that didn’t happen again this season!

3. Don’t mess with Playoff Emma! After scoring a combined 57 points in the Mystics first two playoff games, the Finals MVP averaged 21.8 points during the playoffs. #fire

4. Mother’s Daughter. Emma’s mom, Sonja Tankrey, was the Belgian Women’s Basketball Player of the Year in 1983. We can only imagine how proud she is of her daughter the MVP! #goals

5. She’s a Fangirl, too. Emma attended this year’s US Open and even caught a ball from the stands! How many people can say they’ve caught a ball at the US Open?

Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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