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5 Fun Facts About Warriors’ Klay Thompson

By April 6, 2018 No Comments

When it comes to Klay Thompson — shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors and two-time NBA champion — fans, coaches and analysts cannot help but be drawn to his authenticity.

From signing a toaster, to the rise of #ChinaKlay, Thompson has become a Fangirl favorite. Let’s learn more about Klay Thompson with these 5 Fun Facts:

  1. Steve Kerr said he aspired to be like Klay Thompson and noted, “[H]e is the most low-maintenance guy on earth.”
  2. Although Thompson is contractually obligated not to skate anymore, he said, “I’m probably the best NBA player on a skateboard.”
  3. Thompson was drafted 11th overall in 2011, the year of the NBA lockout. He took up an interest in surfing, although, he found it pretty hard to find a wetsuit, being 6’7″.
  4. Thompson is a huge dog lover. He has a special chamber in his heart for his English Bulldog, Rocco.
  5. Had he not hung up his football cleats to strictly pursue basketball, Thompson would’ve earned a football scholarship and been a D1 QB. 
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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