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  1. He has the perfect name. Zion’s great-grandma knew he’d be something special before he was even born, so his mom gave him an “extra special name”. Zion. After Mount Zion, the highest point in Jerusalem. Just let that sink in. #fitting
  2. He made Nike explode…literally! During a Duke-UNC rivalry game last year, Zion made headlines (of course), but not for the reason everyone expected. Just a few seconds in, his Nikes SPLIT OPEN which caused their stock to plummet over $1 BILLION. The power of one man…
  3. This is fame not clout. Back in 2017, Drake posted a pic rocking Zion’s Spartanburg High School Jersey. What’s crazier than that? Zion was only 16 (!!!!), with most of his attention coming from the highlight reels he posted on IG! #youngkilla
  4. Hoops beware. His teammates back at Duke called him Zanos, after the super strong Marvel supervillain Thanos and we can TOTALLY see why. Zion threw down a dunk SO forcefully during the Rising Stars Game that he BENT THE BACKBOARD! If that’s not Monstar power, what is?
  5. NBA All-Star brought a presidential surprise. During an NBA Cares event in Chicago, former President Obama made a special appearance…and Zion got to meet him! While the two filled backpacks with school supplies together, Obama complimented Zion’s game and Zion was in AWE. We absolutely love to see the support!