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Dante Pettis has some serious Bay Area roots. His father, Gary Pettis, played for the Oakland A’s. His mother, Peggy Pettis, was a Raiderette, and now Dante is a San Francisco 49er.

Though Pettis said he sees himself as a wide receiver and not a punt returner, the 2018 second-round draft pick brings a lot of versatility to the 49ers, which is something head coach Kyle Shanahan was all about.

“That’s what one of things that he mentioned to me, that he’d like to move me around and see what I can do,” said Pettis.

The rookie takes a lot of pride in his abilities as a receiver, citing his “overall athleticism” as the reason for his success at the position.

“My speed and quickness in and out of breaks, my jumping ability…How I run routes” Pettis said. “I feel like I run pretty good routes and take a lot of pride in that.

You know what he can do on the field. Watch the video above to get to know him a little better off-the-field with 5 Fun Facts!