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  1. Dinner with a side of history. Stefon’s Bills will be taking on the Saints tomorrow night, a team he has a pretty iconic moment against. While with the Vikings, Stefon was on the receiving end of the “Minneapolis Miracle”, scoring the game-winning touchdown over the Saints as time expired!
  2. Think your Thanksgiving will be interesting? This year, both Stefon and his brother Trevon of the Cowboys will be playing Thanksgiving games. So which one will their mom be at? Instead of playing favorites, Stefon says mom will just be watching both games from home!
  3. Turkey is most definitely on the menu! Stefon hosted his Annual Turkey Giveaway in Buffalo for the first time last week. With a focus on single moms, Stefon provided 500 families with turkeys AND gift cards to ensure they have a special Thanksgiving!
  4. Did we just become best friends? It’s no secret that Stefon and Josh Allen are besties. They were even on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kids “BFF Issue” in September. But according to Stefon, he’s the serious one in the friendship, while Josh is the goofball!
  5. Take it to the runway! Stefon is super into fashion, and even says it takes him hours to put together an outfit he really loves. Some of his favorite pieces include jackets, pattern pants, and of course, cross-body bags.