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Talking Touchdowns: Struggling Broncos Go to Work Against the Pats

By November 9, 2017 No Comments

Just when we thought Broncos Country hit an all-time low, we’ve now hit a record of 3-5. It’s time for this week’s edition of Talking Touchdowns, and the Broncos have some work to do. This week the Denver Broncos can breathe a little easier knowing they will play at home on Sunday, but unfortunately, their schedule will not let up as they host the 6-2 New England Patriots. Let’s check out the match-up.

Denver Broncos vs. Philadelphia Eagles

In week eight, the Kansas City Chiefs exposed a weak Denver Broncos offensive line. But on Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles exposed a weak Denver Broncos team. After Brock Osweiler was named the starting QB, Denver had reason to be hopeful. Unfortunately that hope quickly disappeared. Osweiler was 8-18 with one interception at the half, and 8-21 after his second interception. He was able to string together 11 completions in 17 attempts but at that point the game was completely out of control.

The No Fly Zone was nowhere to be found. Carson Wentz breezed through the Broncos secondary, and with a nonexistent run defense, the Broncos practically handed Jay Ajayi his first touchdown, not only with the Eagles, but also on the season.

Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots

The 6-2 Patriots who are coming off of four straight wins. I’m sure they are excited to pay the Mile High city a visit, after watching the meltdown the Broncos had on Sunday. Oh, and did I mention they are coming off a bye week so they should be well rested?

Tom Brady: where to even begin. The guy is a love him or hate him kind of player and the Patriots most definitely love him. This season he has 2541 passing YDS, 16 TD and only two INT (which is pretty good considering Osweiler threw two interceptions in one game alone last week)

Right now the Patriots are averaging 27 points a game. It seems like an easy feat to score 27 against the Broncos right now.

I always try to find a positive note for Broncos Country…so here it is. According to CBS, the Patriots defense is ranked 32nd in the NFL, which helps a struggling Denver offense.

Game Prediction

That being said, my game prediction is Patriots 35-Broncos 7.


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