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What’s up Ramily! Alright, so I have some more good news this week. Jeff Fisher is OUT! And, there are only three more games left which means only three more Sundays of watching tragic Rams’ football. But, they are not letting us off easy!! The Rams travel to SEATTLE to play the Seahawks in just four days…Yikes, let’s take a look!

My goodness this offense. I mean honestly, how has nothing improved and how do they continue to get worse every single game? Well Jared Goff completed 58% of his passes with ZERO passing touchdowns and two interceptions. Todd Gurley helped get some points on the board with his touchdown, but when this offense tries to take on the Seattle defense, OH BOY!

Oh and our defense that I said had to force turnovers did the exact opposite and allowed 42 points!!! This week they will take on Russell Wilson who didn’t have his best game either against the Packers. He completed 56% of his passes and had FIVE interceptions. Now come on, can the Rams defense do something this week and bring the pressure to Wilson to force some turnovers? PLEASE!

Goff and his offense will be up against an eighth ranked Seattle defense. The Seahawks defense is filled with playmakers, including Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner. I don’t think the Rams offense will have much of a chance here but it should be a good learning experience.

You’ll have to watch for my game prediction. It’s going to be a tough one, and that’s putting it mildly. Seattle currently sits at the top spot in the NFC West and although they are coming off a bad road loss you can guarantee they are returning home looking to win.

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