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Fangirl Minute: Show What You Know Winter Olympics Edition

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Hey Fangirls, it’s Tracy Sandler and welcome to the Fangirl Minute! It’s getting cold outside ladies, even here in LA it’s in the 60s, brrr…when it’s not 72 and sunny, Sorry. Anyway, with the cold air this year comes the 2018 Winter Olympics, the ultimate in winter sporting events. There will be plenty of chatter for this two-week event so we want to make sure you fangirls are up to speed and can show what you know.

1. Where is this thing happening? – The Olympics are held in Pyeonghang, South Korea (pronounced Pyahng-chang) and the Opening Ceremony kicks off Feb 9th. South Korea has quite the time difference from the U.S. so watching the games live will be a challenge.

2. What’s new? –There are four new events to look forward to: The first is big air snowboarding, where Snowboarders start atop a big snow ramp, and then perform big tricks off a big jump…big, big, big. Then we have mixed doubles curling, which is kind of like couple’s skate with brooms. After that we have mass start speed skating, which sounds like black Friday shopping on skates, and finally we have mixed team alpine skiing, which…well just sounds dangerous…and exciting.

3. What to look for? – There are so many amazing athletes competing but here are a few Americans to keep an eye out for. Female snowboarders Jamie Anderson and Kelly Clark both of who have medaled at previous Olympics and are favorites to do so again. Skier Gus Kenworthy earned a silver medal in 2014 and broke barriers when he announced he was gay in 2015! Also look for Olympic veterans Lindsey Vonn (Alpine Skiing), Sean White (Snowboarder) and Shani Davis (speed skater) to all make their way to the medal stand.

It’s going to be a fun (and cold) 2 weeks. Fangirls, you are now ready to show what you know!

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