1. Got the horses and D-backs. The 2014 World Series hero has a new home, and it’ll feel a lot like his home in North Carolina. Madison Bumgarner does in fact own horses in the Phoenix area, and now he’ll be playing there as a member of the Diamondbacks!

2. The Yankees are getting LOTS of Cole this Christmas…and the nine after that. Yes, the Yankees are back to being the Yankees, signing Gerrit Cole to the longest and most expensive deal EVER for a pitcher. We can’t wait to see how he’ll rock the no-beard look!

3. Traded to the dream team. Pitcher Corey Kluber was traded from the Indians to the Rangers last week, but it’s not all sad. The Rangers are the team Corey grew up rooting for and now he gets to play for them! #Surreal

4. Meet the Mets. Outfielder turned Manager Carlos Beltran will have a new-look Mets team in his first year managing. They may not be the $300 million men, but Michael Wacha and Rick Porcello will definitely add to the already star-studded pitching staff!

5. Icon. And we’re not talking about a player. hired by the New York Yankees as the full-time hitting coach (!) for one Rachel Balkovec has been of their minor league affiliates. Rachel is believed to be the first EVER woman to hold this position, and we are in awe! #Fangirling

Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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