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Let’s Take a Breath

By September 26, 2014July 11th, 2018No Comments1 min read

IMG_4411I think we need to take a moment – a moment of calm before the season is written off, before Jim Harbaugh is sent to Ann Arbor, before jerseys are burned in the middle of the marina. The 49ers are 1-2, certainly not ideal, but also not the end of the world (even NFL football world). They were in the exact same place last season at this time and ended up one interception away from the Super Bowl (also not ideal I know). The team has been playing well enough to win and is talented enough to win, if they could only stop beating themselves (see previous post). So, the loyal 49er faithful, let’s all breathe deep and get excited for the Sunday home game. Because we got nowhere to go but up! Go Niners!