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Tips & Tricks: How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick | Chiefs Fangirl

By December 22, 2017 No Comments

Hi there, Chiefs Kingdom!

In less than two weeks, we will all be ringing in 2018! And with every new year, I like to set new goals and resolutions to start off right! I am going to share my New Year’s resolution and how I am going to stay on top of it.

My resolution for 2018 is to work on is channeling my passion for the Chiefs in a more positive manner!

1. I am vowing not to throw things and yell at the TV when the Chiefs lose.

2. I am going to go to the gym to work off my aggression when the Chiefs lose.

3. I will try and be more sensitive to opposing fans and Fangirls when the Chiefs beat them, like the last 2 weeks against the Raiders and Chargers Fangirls. I only have love for you girls!

4. I will not sell my tickets on Stubhub when we lose a game at Arrowhead that we shouldn’t have lost. For example, when we lost to the Bills.

It’s tough to stick to a new plan, so I need to make sure that I actually do these things. I’ve found that setting calendar reminders for things that I want to do works very well for me, and forces me to make time. Having a friend to hold you accountable is also very helpful, and you can do the same in return! Good luck, Chiefs Kingdom, on meeting and exceeding your resolutions in 2018!

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