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What’s up everyone?! The wait is finally over guys – the NBA Finals are here!!!!!!!! And guess what happens when your team isn’t in the Finals? you play a drinking game while watching the series! Now, I took it upon myself to create a Clippers Fangirl version of an NBA Finals Drinking Game. Trust me, you’re going to want to participate. Here’s how it goes. Grab a beer or your favorite cocktail and take a drink every time something below happens:

1. They talk about LeBron taking on the entire Golden State Warriors team alone.

2. Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry exchange choice words

3. They make the LeBron/Michael Jordan comparison

4. LeBron does his handshake with another Cavs player.

5. The Warriors flop on defense.

Well this should keep you all busy while watching the NBA Finals series kick off! I am so excited the Finals are here. Cheers to an amazing series!!

Try making some of our favorite Fangirl cocktails!

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Photo Credits:

  • LeBron James on Flickr 1 & 2 by Keith Allison
  • Kyrie Irving on Flickr by Erik Drost
  • Steph Curry on Flickr by Ketih Allison
  • Michael Jordan on Flickr by mccarmona23
  • LeBron handshake on Giphy NBA channel
  • Draymond Green posted on Flickr by Keith Allison