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What’s up, Ramily. The Los Angeles Rams are 10-4. WELCOME to this week’s edition of Talking Touchdowns. That was QUITE the game against Seahawks. I have so much to talk about this week so let’s jump right in.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks

First up, the Rams are coming off a HUGE dominating 42 to 7 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. And that score doesn’t even do it justice. Todd Gurley had himself a day with FOUR touchdowns. He had 152 yards on 21 carries with 3 rushing touchdowns and another 28 receiving yards on 3 receptions with another touchdown. Gurley is really pushing his way into the MVP conversation.

This was a HUGE game for the Rams, a must win if you will to be pretty secure in their playoff spot. They didn’t officially clinch a playoff berth but they made a major stride.

The Rams offense, led by Jared Goff who went 14 of 21 for 120 yards 2 touchdowns, took full advantage of a banged up Seattle defense. Robert Woods was back in the lineup and made it right to the endzone. They put up 42 points on the board.

On the other side of the ball, the Rams defense almost forced veteran Russell Wilson to a complete shutout. Wilson and the Hawks were able to get 7 points on the board in the third quarter but that’s about all they did. The Rams defense had 7 sacks on the veteran QB tying a season high for the Rams and matched the most times Wilson has been sacked in his career.

In short, the Rams handed the Seahawks their WORST loss in recent history. But they have another game this week vs the Titans that needs their full attention.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Tennessee Titans

Just a few weeks ago, sitting with an 8-4 record and a game against the 6-7 Arizona Cardinals, the Tennessee Titans were in contention for making a run at the AFC South title. Now, after losing two consecutive games against the Cardinals and the now 4-10 49ers, the Titans are under some major pressure to produce wins.

Marcus Mariota has struggled of late, turning the ball over much more frequently and struggling to make big plays down the field. The Titans offense is built to run the ball and run the ball effectively, but they haven’t been able to establish a consistent run game for much of this season, leading to an increased reliance on Marcus Mariota’s arm.

With this in mind, the blueprint for beating the Tennessee Titans has been established. If you can limit the production of running backs DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry on 1st and 2nd down, you can put the Titan’s offense in 3rd and long more often than not and make Marcus Mariota throw the ball from the pocket.

He’s much more effective making plays with his feet, so the Rams best shot at beating the Titans’ starts with the Rams defense stopping the run.

In addition to that, the Rams offense has been incredibly consistent under McVay all season, so there’s reason to believe the league’s top scoring team will continue to put point on the board.

Game Prediction

Finally, Jared Goff and the Rams’ offense may have a favorable matchup against the Titans’ secondary, as Jimmy Garoppolo was able to throw for 381 yards against them last week. Make Marcus Mariota beat you with his arm and expose the struggling Titans’ defense will be keys in the Ram’s earning their 11th win of the season.


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