There’s plenty to do in Miami. Between the sandy beaches, exciting nightlife, and rich culture, if you want it in Miami, you’ve got it in Miami! So to keep Fangirl Nation from experiencing major decision fatigue, I’m narrowing down the Top 5 places to hit after you’ve watched Ryan Tannehill make his triumphant return from his torn ACL. Bienvenidos a Miami!



List of Miami Morning activities: Iced coffee, bacon, and a side of paddle boarding. The last one is new to my morning repertoire, but because the Standard Hotel offers it, I’m willing to give it a try. Enjoy some pleasant time on the water while you learn the basics around the Venetian Islands. I can think of no better way to destress before you head to the game than to be leisurely gliding on crystal blue waters. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel, just be sure to call ahead and reserve a spot for your A.M. adventure.

Where: 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Nothing says Miami like stone crab claws. They are a Miami staple and I invite you to enjoy them at Joe’s Stone Crab. Not only have they been serving up this delicious Miami delicacy since 1913, but the stone crab claws and beautiful interior live up to the hype. More must-order items on the menu would be the lobster reuben and the fried oysters. There is a reason that after 105 years, this restaurant is still so popular. Be sure to experience it for yourself!

Where: 11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Ready. Set. Beach! Now for the real reason you’re in Miami, because it’s not just to watch      hometown hero Frank Gore show his running back skills as he moves the rock down the hash marks. You also want to show off that new adorable swimsuit you’ve been dying to flaunt before fall totally takes over. Head to the beach south of 5th St. to make the most of your two-piece. This is the go-to sandy hang for seasonal residents and in-the-know locals. Psst! Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Where: 5th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139



Halftime Cocktail Report. After Adam Gase leads the Dolphins to victory (fingers crossed!), you are ready to celebrate and refresh! Head to Broken Shaker, an adorable, brightly-colored bar nestled in the backyard of the Freehand Hotel that offers not only tasty handcrafted cocktails, but also a swimming pool and bocce ball court. The Cinnamon Citrus with Chocolate Bitters and the Vodka Spicy Cucumber Lime cocktail top the list of my must- haves. Relish the backyard vibe and be sure your battery is at 100%, because, as usual, this is an Instagram-worthy location.

Where: 2727 Indian Creek Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33140

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In need of a sugar rush? Head to Azucar Ice Cream Company. This delish authentic Cuban creamery is located in the heart of Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. Inspired by South Florida’s diverse culture and tropical climate, Azucar offers freshly made in-house crafted ice cream that includes local ingredients and fresh fruits. Be sure to try the Abuela Maria and the Cafe con Leche for a sweet treat with that classic Cuban flair.

Where: 1503 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135

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