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Oakland Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens

What’s good Raider Nation? Welcome to this week’s edition of talking touchdowns! The Raiders are 2-5 and next up are the LA Chargers. These two old rivals have no love for each other so it’s going to be an interesting match up.

Three games in a row, The Raiders have lost three games in a row and we are all trying to figure out what is going on? Is it the offensive line? Is it the defense? Is it the coaches? The answer is yes. It’s all those things and more. If we do not make a change quick, we are going to risk another embarrassing performance, especially with Kansas City right around the corner.

Offensively, Oakland was inconsistent with backup quarterback EJ Manuel at the helm. While he wasn’t terrible, completing 13 of 26 passes for 159 yards and a touchdown, the passing game lacked energy all afternoon. The good news is Derek Carr should be back on Sunday!

The Raiders backfield combined to have 108 rushing yards on 25 carries. Marshawn Lynch was able to find holes in the defense and would score to bring the game within a touchdown. But it wasn’t enough to spark the Raiders to victory, losing 30-17.

As strange as it sounds, this game on Sunday between the the Raiders and the hated Chargers in Oakland will decide who gets to be in the cellar in the AFC West.

The Chargers are coming in with their first win of the season over the winless New York Giants. Philip Rivers completed 21 of 44 passes for 258 yards and three touchdowns against an interception. While Melvin Gordon rushed 105 yards in 20 attempts.

Chargers Rookie receiver and first round pick, Mike Williams who has been sidelined all season with a disc injury is back and is expected to make his debut this Sunday.

As always, I’m giving our boys the benefit of the doubt. Of course I want them to win. The Raiders have to be smart and not make mistakes. What hurt us the most against the Ravens was the few big plays they surrendered in the passing game. They have to be able to control the line of scrimmage, slow down Melvin Gordon and force Philip Rivers into making mistakes.

This isn’t just about you guys. I need bragging rights against Chargers Fangirl, Shelbi. LET’S CHANGE UP THE MOMENTUM AND GET THIS W RAIDERS! Please!

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