1. One more year (maybe)! Adam has decided to return to the Cards next year for his 17th MLB Season, but not before asking his wife and kids. In the sweetest announcement video, Adam’s whole family agreed that they want to see him play next year!
    2. This battery is fully charged. Last month, Adam and Yadier Molina did something only three other pitcher-catcher duos have EVER done in MLB history…start 300 Regular Season games together!!! Think they’ll add to their playoff total tonight? 
    3. Better known as “Uncle Charlie” on the field and on social, Adam first used the name for his Fantasy Football Team years ago. But why? “Uncle Charlie” is actually another name for the curveball, which just so happens to be one of Adam’s best pitches!
    4. Walk ‘em. The day after Adam pitches, he goes for a walk around whichever city or stadium he finds himself in. He calls it “Day After Pitching Old Man Walk”, and always takes to Twitter to share the details, soundtrack, and photos from every walk he takes!
    5. The definition of “Bigger than Baseball”, Adam recently got to meet one of the sweetest, young Cards fans at a game. Only nine years old, Emery gave Adam her allowance, and asked him to donate it to his foundation, Big League Impact, that works to end poverty.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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