1. 11 is the magic number. After adding gold and bronze medals to her collection during the Tokyo Games, Allyson is now officially the most decorated American track-and-field athlete EVER in Olympic history!!! She’s won 11 medals in five Olympic appearances. 
  2. Motherhood is POWERFUL! After an emergency C-section in 2018, Allyson became a vocal advocate for moms and mom-athletes everywhere. She was motivated to compete in Tokyo because she wanted her daughter, Camryn, to see her mom win a gold medal and know she worked hard for it!
  3. Allyson Felix, Olympic Gymnast? Believe it or not, gymnastics was Allyson’s first love! She always wanted to be a gymnast growing up, and even tried to convince her parents to buy a balance beam for their yard, but it didn’t end up happening. 
  4. Her baking is kind of a big deal! Baking is Allyson’s hidden talent and something she LOVES doing. Some of her most popular desserts include her cinnamon rolls, pound cake, and German chocolate cake. Where can we try some?!
  5. Allyson who? According to Allyson’s brother, Wes, no one actually calls Allyson “Allyson”. At home, everyone calls her “Shug” (pronounced like sugar without the “ar”), a nickname that originally came from her uncle, who would say she’s “sweet as sugar”!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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