1. The only Number 1 in our hearts…Number 1 pick that is. When Cam was drafted first overall by the Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft, he became the team’s FIRST EVER Number 1 pick in franchise history. That’s an honor he still holds today! #OG
  2. He loves his cereal. That’s right, Cam is a self-proclaimed “cereal connoisseur” with Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch topping his list of favorites. And get this! When Cam signed his $103M extension with the Panthers in 2015, he says he celebrated with milk and cereal.
  3. BūT ₩HÅT îš H£ §ÅÿîÑG? Cam is known for the very unique font he uses on his social posts. Even though it might take some time to decode this hieroglyphic language, that’s actually the point. Cam says he uses this font so that people really focus on what he’s saying. It works, huh?
  4. Pescatarian since 2013! Yup, you read that right. Cam became a pescatarian simply because he can. He sees it as a self-discipline measure. If he can control himself to not eat meat, the possibilities of all the other things he can control himself from doing are endless. #tough
  5. All In With Cam Newton. Back in 2016, Cam had his own reality show on Nickelodeon that focused on helping kids achieve their dreams and inspiring the next generation. It was a surreal moment for a guy who grew up as a Nick at Nite kid watching the classics we all love.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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