1. Building a legacy. After batting .400 in the World Series and driving in the game-winning run of Game 6, Corey was named World Series MVP (duh!). He adds this to the NLCS MVP he won last week, making him only the EIGHTH player to win LCS and World Series MVP in the same year!
    2. Keeping up with the Seagers. Corey and Kyle FINALLY played in an MLB game against each other this August and they did not disappoint. Of course, they both hit homers, making them the first pair of brothers on opposite teams to go deep in the same game since 2001!!! Pretty cool, huh?!
    3. Don’t have a cow! That’s right, Corey began his dairy-free diet at the end of 2018. Even though it helped him better recover from injuries, (he says he lost 25lbs in almost no time), he had to give up his favorite food. PIZZA! Just imagine how hard that is…
    4. O Captain! My Captain! Growing up, Corey’s favorite player was none other than Derek Jeter. Since both of Corey’s parents are from Upstate New York, he grew up a Yankees fan who admired how professional and great Derek was at everything he did. Yup, we can totally see the similarities!
    5. What’s on TV? Whenever Corey needs to get locked in for a game, he pops on one of his fave TV shows: New Girl! He finds the show super hilarious, (he loves Schmidt), and says watching it the night before a game has kinda become a superstition. 
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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