1. Dak is Back! After missing almost all of last season with a severe ankle injury, Dak says he’s ready and excited to make his return to the field tonight! His first match-up? None other than the reigning Super Bowl Champs: Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  2. The name game. Dak’s full name is actually Rayne Dakota Prescott. He began going by Dak, short for his middle name Dakota, back during his school days because his classmates had some trouble with his first name, Rayne (pronounced rain).
  3. “Not Patrick Mahomes”. In possibly the cutest moment caught on camera, Aaiden Diggs, (son of Dak’s teammate, Trevon Diggs), got to meet his favorite player, Dak! Only problem, little Aaiden thought Dak was actually Patrick Mahomes.
  4. Louisiana cooking! A Louisiana native, some of Dak’s favorite foods are regional specialties like fried boudin, crawfish, and jambalaya. According to Dak, some of the best authentic food in town can be found at “hole in the wall places”…even gas stations!
  5. The power of music. Before his mom passed away, Dak and his mom would always listen to “Baby” by Blake Shelton together. He says it was her special song for him, and he listens to it whenever he needs a boost to be reminded that he’ll always be her baby.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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